What Else You Should Know

As a host, there are a couple of additional things you may want to know.

I think I covered everything you and your guests will need to know. But hey, I’m human. So I probably left a thing or two out.

Here are a few of the tips that I have up my sleeve that you might find intuitive, but I figured I’d say them here anyway. (This is not an exhaustive list of Toucan hacks.)

  • If the video and/or sound is lagging or getting choppy, it could be a problem with your network. I recommend reloading the page and seeing if that takes care of it. Or resetting your WiFi. That always inexplicably does wonders.
  • Don’t be afraid to just create an event for just yourself and explore Toucan! That’s the best way to learn how everything works.
  • Don’t feel pressured to throw the next blowout rager while you’re an internal beta host. Or ever. Toucan works best with 8+ people, and the beauty of our platform is that not everyone speaks to everyone else at once. As long as the people you invite are cool and you like them, everyone should get along quite well. We’re here to help you have the substantive conversations that you want to have. No pressure to go full Animal House.
  • Use Toucan often. We're constantly updating the platform and adding new features. Chances are, a new update to Toucan will give you something that you didn't even know you needed.
  • Try new things! We want to know what cool use cases you find for Toucan. We’ve already hosted socials, game nights, and casual get-togethers on this platform. Get creative!