What do these in-event buttons do?

Clicking this button will mute your microphone.

This means that your microphone is currently muted. Clicking this button will unmute your microphone.

Clicking this button will turn your video camera off.

If you're seeing this icon, your camera is off. Click this button to turn it back on.

Click this button for "Buddy View"! Sometimes you have a friend or family member join you on your calls. Buddy View adjusts the width of your camera so that more than one person can fit. Click this button again to exit Buddy View so that you're more prominent.

Click this button to locate yourself in the event space. Toucan is designed to have multiple conversations go on at one time, so it's only natural that you'd want to explore who's around. You can do that to your heart's content, but when you want to refocus on your small group, just click this button, and you'll be back in the center of the screen.

Click this button if you need any help. The Toucan team is here to help you with any issues you may be having at an event, so we offer 24-hour chat support.

Click this button to exit a Toucan event. When you exit, please give us feedback on how the event went!

This is how you can tell us more about the event! After you exit, you'll have the option to click this button. Since Toucan is in its beta phase, every bit of feedback is valuable. Click it!