Toucan-isms aka Toucan Dictionary

Ever wonder what some of the terms we use mean? Well look no further, we've put together a Toucan dictionary for you!



Space Your own permanent event room with a fixed address.
Event A one-off gathering.
Host A user who creates and runs the event.
Co-Host Multiple users that all have advanced controls & privileges within the event or Space.
Custom Address A permanent URL for your Space that the user gets to choose.
Meeting Spot A labelled location within an event or Space where you can congregate with other people. Can only be created, edited, and removed by hosts.
Emoticon A digital image that can be sent directly to another user or users in the event or space to convey emotion.
Screen-sharing A feature where you can share your screen, specific window or a browser tab with the rest of the event attendees or just your group within the web app.
An event on the Toucan app where the explicit purpose is to allow attendees to socialize and network.
Flock Anyone who is a Toucan user, fan or team member!
Presenter Mode A feature to broadcast your video and audio to everybody at the event at the same time. Click the “Present” button when you have a message that you want everybody to hear.
Find Me A feature that enables you to center your group in your browser window. To use, click the "Find Me" button at the bottom of the screen.
Private Chat Send another user a message in a private chat. Only the person who receives the message will see what it says. It will disappear after a few seconds.
Group Chat Send everybody in your group a message at once. Everybody in the group will receive the message in the same format as the private message.