Screen Sharing

Screen sharing on Toucan is simple!

Note for MacOS users: For screen sharing to work, you will need to enable the permissions on your Mac for the browser to "screen record"

First, become a presenter!

All you have to do is click the orange "Present" button. (Hint hint: I'm pointing at it!) 

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 16.21.54

A window will pop up asking if you would like to present to the entire space. Click on the purple button that says 'Start Presenting' to continue. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 16.27.54

Congrats! You are now presenting to everyone in the Space. When you talk everybody will hear you!

Then, share your screen (or a window)!

From Presenter Mode, you can share your screen (or a window) with everybody in the event.

Click on the purple media button in the footer shown in the picture below!

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 16.33.29

This will give you the option to pick what you want to share! Pick:

  • your entire screen,
  • a specific window, of even
  • a specific browser tab!

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 16.35.21

And voila! You have learnt how to share your screen with the group on Toucan! 

Share your screen for a group game, to share a funny video or something more serious.


Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 16.37.49