Quick Fixes

If you have a problem, it shouldn't be too hard to fix.

If you're experiencing any problems on Toucan, it can typically be solved with a quick fix. These may sound like stupid suggestions, but they can make a big difference:

  • Try reloading the page. Doing so can re-prompt for camera and microphone permissions, restart your camera and audio, and also refresh the app. 60% of the time, works every time. 
  • Switch browsers. Sometimes issues that you may be experiencing on one browser will not appear on other browsers. Toucan works best on Chrome. So if you are not using Chrome but can, try using Chrome.
  • I know it's dumb to ask, but double-check to see whether you did not accidentally mute yourself, turn your camera off, or mute your computer. Hey, it happens to the best of us.
  • Sometimes it helps to quit and restart your browser.
  • If it comes to it, sometimes it also helps to simply restart your computer.

If none of these suggestions work, you can always check up on other knowledge base articles, or interact with our support widget in the bottom right-hand corner.