How to Make the Best Out of Toucan's Meeting Spots

Learn how to use meeting spots to your advantage.

Meeting spots are a really fun way to spice up your event. If you are hosting an event that requires coordination, specific labels, or designated discussion topics, then meeting spots are the way to go. 

As a host, you have the ability to create meeting spots for your event once it has begun. When you enter your event, you can click on the "Event Info" button to create Meeting Spots.

Once you click on the "Event Info" button, you should see a tab that looks like this:

By selecting the meeting spots tab, you will have access to the feature.

From there, you will have the option to create new meeting spots, edit your existing spots, and delete your spots.

In order to create a new meeting spot, simply select the "Create new spot" button:

Simply name your spot and click "Create." Done!

To edit or delete an existing meeting spot, hover over the spot's name in the menu, and click the three dots that appear.

Doing so will give you a couple of options:

Click these buttons will prompt you to edit your Meeting Spot's name or delete the spot, respectively.