Leaving a Virtual Space on Toucan

We're sad to see you go; let us walk you out.

When you exit the event by clicking the red little door in the bottom right corner, this is the screen you and all your guests will see:

Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 14.01.21

We really want you AND your guests to tell us about how the event went, so please rate your experience on Toucan.

After rating the event, please click “Submit more feedback” and ask all your guests to click as well. You’ll be sent to this very short survey about your experience--seriously, it’s really short. Your responses to this survey will help us a lot.

**I cannot stress this enough. But I’m trying to by putting a ~star~ next to it. Please fill out the survey, and please get your guests to fill out the survey. It is an important part of your role as an internal beta host.

When your guests leave the event officially, they will be sent back to the event’s page. They will then be asked whether they want to "Rejoin" or “Host your own event”. If your guests have a great time at your event, hopefully they'll want to become hosts themselves. They can sign up by clicking the button or by going to our website at: