Editing an Event: What you need to know

If you need to change the name, time, or description for any reason, read this.

Once you plan the event, you’ll be able to see it in “Your events” on your homepage.

Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 13.25.36

If you click on the event name, you’re brought to the unique event page, where you can see a pretty rad landing page for your very own Toucan event! On this page, you can see a button that says 'edit event'. I've added an image below so that you know exactly where to find it. 


Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 14.24.07

From here, you have the ability to change the cover photo and edit your event details. 

Events aren’t set in stone. However, since we don’t store your contacts or disperse invites through the platform, you'll have to notify your guests about any changes. That means that you can make as many edits as you need!

Specifically, if you change the time of the event, you'll get an alert that looks like this:


Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 14.25.57