Can you play games on Toucan Events?

Games are fun and help everyone loosen up and the conversations flow. Unfortunately, we don’t have games built into the platform. But Toucan is still a great place to play games!

We currently do not have games programmed into Toucan; however, virtual game nights and parties are common uses for our virtual event platform. We’ve hosted quite a few ourselves. If you are curious, you can learn more here.

If your aim is to host a fun virtual event, there are tons of options. Check out these pieces on virtual icebreaker questions for team-building and virtual games for you to enjoy with your online community.

Many of our users have suggested we build games into Toucan. We are always evaluating our roadmap, and we love to hear what our customers think. If you also think that specific games would improve your online community’s experience, please let us know. Or if you would like to share your thoughts and ideas on how we could make Toucan even better please send us an email (