Present Mode

If you want to speak to everyone in an event, present mode is the perfect feature for you.

Playing god is easy on Toucan with Present Mode. When you're in a group of people, you can speak to them all at once. All you have to do is click the orange "Present" button at the bottom of your screen and take the stage. You can even take the stage from inside or outside a group.

From Broadcast Mode, you can share your screen with everybody in the event. All you have to do is click the purple "Media" button that appears next to the red "Stop" button. (The red button is to stop broadcasting.) Check out this little presentation I did on hedgehogs🦔😉.

And if someone else is broadcasting, and you don't feel like listening to them (sorry, that sounded rude—didn't mean it like that), or if someone's broadcasting and your group is being disruptive, then you might want to choose whom you hear more of. That's why we built in a sound mixer. Click the 4 lines next to "Broadcasting" to access the volume slider. Move the dot closer to the broadcast symbol to hear more of the broadcaster and closer to the group of three to hear more of your group.